School Organisation

School Hours


School starts at 8.50am and finishes at 3.15pm.

The day is organised as follows:

8.50-10.30 - Morning session

10.30-10.45 - Break Time

10.45-12.15 - Morning session 2 

12.15-1.15 - Lunch Time

1.15-3.15 - Afternoon session

3.15 - Home Time




Unfortunately car parking is a problem and therefore you are asked to walk when ever possible. If you have to drive,  please be patient and courteous and park sensibly so as not to endanger our children.





There are usually two classes per year group, although this may change from year to year depending on the school’s population.



The classes are as follows:

Year 3      2 classes        aged 7+

Year 4      2 classes        aged 8+

Year 5      2 classes        aged 9+

Year 6      2 classes        aged 10+


Children experience individual, group and whole class teaching. Classes are supported by Teaching Assistants.