School Council

October 2017 - School Council have already been very busy in their roles!
After being democratically voted in by a private ballot, the children made a pledge to their peers and met with Mrs Dutton. Children learned about their new roles, which are very important! They discussed about what they would like to achieve in their roles and wrote out their own personal profiles - displayed proudly in their classrooms.
December 2017 - The School Councillors, just before Christmas, were in charge of making cards and gift tags to go on extra special gifts for staff and helpers in school.
January 2018 - In our January meeting, the first of 2018, the children discussed important topics and decided how they would take ideas and contributions from their class members - to make sure everybody has their voice heard. We talked about our standards and expectations as school councillors.
This month we also met with Mrs Rowlands to discuss how we could spend our PE grant prize from sponsorship money last half term. We looked through brochures and thought about how we can fairly decide what to buy, so that everyone has a say and is accommodated for.
School Council Meeting
Today in our school council meeting we looked at learning - types of learning and things we enjoy learning from.
We all named and described the 4Rs from our learning powers with no problems - reciprocity, resilience, reflectiveness and resourcefulness.
We spent some time discussing themed weeks and how much we learn from them, we particularly enjoy new topics, new visitors and market place. We had a think about some themed weeks we might like to take part in.
In class, in a normal week, we particularly enjoy using technology and working in groups. We know we must work alone sometimes and all shared when we work best and when we prefer to work on our own. We are very lucky with all of our technology in school and had a discussion about how we can make sure they are always ready for use and how best we can look after them.
Our next steps as councillors was to make sure we feedback to our classes and continue to gather any issues, ideas and bring them to meetings.
School Council have been working so hard and put together some ideas about a British Values in school.
From this meeting, the School Councillors have organised a competition across the school for creative ways of displaying our values. Children were encouraged to design, make, cut, stick and colour in all kinds of ways to enter!
The Council have also put out a British Values colouring competition for everybody to have a go at!
Aren't they doing so well?
Mrs Dutton
Spring Term 1
School Council chose their winners and very sensibly and bravely presented their findings to the rest of school! Wow! They wrote a script together with me, led that part of the assembly and explained why it was important that we recognised and remembered the British Values.
Spring Term 2