Diversity Week


Celebrating Difference (Diversity Week)

During the week of 26th February, we enjoyed another fantastic themed week in school. Our theme was Celebrating Difference where we celebrated differences within our community. Each day, we explored the variety of diversity we encounter each day.


“It is important to celebrate the differences we have and the things that make up our own identity as a person.” Isabella Year 5


Excite – Monday 26/02/18

Mrs Chalmers wrote and prepared a British Values ‘Play in a day’ which was performed by 18 of our children from across school. The script outlined the four key areas of British Values (Rule of Law, Democracy, Individual Liberty, Tolerance of other faiths and beliefs and Mutual Respect.) The children had the opportunity to devise scenes to link British Values to their everyday lives and the play was delivered in an enthusiastic, witty and child friendly manner. It was a great success and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.


Monday 26th February – Religion Focus

Yr3/4 focus was Judaism:

  • Yr3 Everyday Life and Prayer
  • Yr4 Festivals and Celebrations

The focus was chosen to link our Christian faith to Judaism because Jesus Christ our Lord was born into the Jewish faith.


Yr5/6 focus was Islam:

  • Yr5 Pillars of Islam
  • Yr6 Comparing Islam to Christianity

The focus was chosen as Islam is a prevalent faith in the media, therefore we wanted to educate our children and address any misconceptions which may have existed.


Buddhism Assembly

We are very lucky to have an expert in school, who is well educated about the Buddhist faith. Mrs Maher delivered an experiential assembly to the children which they thoroughly enjoyed.

“I learned that Jewish people have a Torah and we have a bible and that they can’t touch the Torah because it is so special.” Will Year 4


Tuesday 27th February – Culture Focus

  • Yr3 - Poland
  • Yr4 - Japan
  • Yr5 - India
  • Yr6 – Philippines

We chose each culture based on the demographics of the year group and used the expertise we had available in our school community to celebrate each of them. Children had the opportunity to taste different foods, listen to music from different countries, and Year 4 were lucky enough to have a guest visitor. Mrs Boulton came into school, dressed some of the children in traditional kimonos and taught the children how to write some Japanese words. It was a fantastic experience.

“I enjoyed the Indian food and the dancing because we had Jewel and Angelina to teach us facts and to teach us dances!” Grace Year 5


Story Telling

Each class had a session with a story teller in an immersive space. Gav Cross a drama practitioner told children a story based on Chinese New Year. The children loved it and were all immersed and engaged from the outset!


Wednesday 28th February- Refugee/Asylum Seekers Focus


  • Focused on refugees


  • Focused on asylum seekers

Ian Downing from Asylum Link Merseyside delivered age appropriate workshops.

Lower juniors explored a story called The Journey that looked at refugee issues.

Upper juniors looked at ‘Giving Racism the Red Card Scheme’ and linked this to case studies about asylum seekers.

“I enjoyed when Ian from Asylum link came in and spoke to us. It upset me that children have to flee their homes.” Sofia Year 6


Thursday 1st March - Gender Focus

We explored issues surrounding gender from roles within the family to stereotypes about jobs. Year 5 looked at the issue of sexism and Year 6 studied issues surrounding LGBTQ. The children wrote balanced arguments about whether gender matters and made flags to celebrate diversity within the LGBTQ community.

“The colour pink and blue aren’t just for a boy or a girl – they are for everyone and we shouldn’t judge them.” Isabella Year 5


Friday 2nd March  – Disability Focus

  • Year 3 focused on deafness/blindness and were lucky to have Ava Dawson’s mum visit school. Ava’s mum is a deaf and blind interpreter and taught the children some sign language. Year 3 also had resources from Sensory Support – games and a brail machine.
  • Year 4 focused on mobility and had a visitor from Heswall Disabled Children’s Camp who spoke to the children.
  • Year 5 focused on social communication disabilities and were lucky to have Mrs Francis speak to them about her personal experiences with her son Joseph.
  • Year 6 focused on mental health and had a Senior Mental Health Practitioner (Mr Pogue) visit school to lead a session.


“I enjoyed learning about how blind and deaf people communicate.” Darcy Year 3


On Friday afternoon we shared our learning in a whole school market place which was a fantastic way to celebrate the children’s hard work.


“I learned people are made in their own special way.” Emma Year 4