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At St John’s RC Junior school we ensure pupils are given equal opportunities through an  engaging and balanced  curriculum. We ensure each child is able to develop life long learning skills to equip them to face challenges with confidence.


The teaching of basic skills in reading, writing and calculation are given high priority at St John’s RC Junior School. We we ensure that the different learning styles of children are recognised in the delivery of all lessons

We strive to achieve high standards and encourage pupils to make the most opportunities we offer them. We have strong links with St John’s Infant school and St John Plessington. Through these links and  use of visits and visitors we are able to enhance and enrich our curriculum and develop new skills. These experiences help to develop independence, responsibility, resilience and teamwork.


School has invested in a range of Computing equipment to engage children in exciting and stimulating  lessons and give the children more opportunities to  apply their skills across the curriculum.


Religious Education

Religious Education is central to the life of the school. We follow the National Programme “ The Way, The Truth and the Life”. This is enhanced with daily prayers, assemblies, mass and liturgical celebrations during the year. Children are invited to receive the Sacrament of Forgiveness and Holy Communion in Year 3.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from both Religious Education and Collective Worship. However, it is anticipated by the Governing Body that those specifically choosing Catholic Education will wish to lend their support to maintaining both the full spiritual life of the school and those set out in its Mission Statement.



The PHSE programme is developmental and develops a gradual understanding and appreciation of relationships with others, love, marriage and family life as taught within the teachings of the Catholic Church. Often this  work is carried out as part of the Science , RE curriculum, circle time , personal, social and emotional health education  and with the support and guidance of the school nurse and other outside agencies. During these times , pupils are given opportunities to share problems, learn to cope with emotions in appropriate ways, as well as listening and respecting each others’ opinions and ideas.


Equal Opportunities

We are committed to providing equal opportunities for all. Everybody at St John’s RC Junior School is entitled to and receives a quality education in a safe environment. We foster an environment that encourages different children to develop an understanding and tolerance of diversity, disability, cultures, race and religions.


Special Educational Needs including Gifted Or Talented

We consider each child to be a unique individual. We value the potential and contribution of all. Our children work in an environment in which they are encouraged, accepted, challenged and treated sensitively. In this supportive environment we grow together to achieve success.


All children have access to the curriculum. Our highly trained Teaching Assistants provide quality interventions to support our children. All staff work hard to remove barriers to learning.


Pupils who are identified as Gifted or Talented are extended and challenged to ensure they reach their full potential. Additional activities and events are signposted to pupils to enrich their learning.


Extra Curricular Activities

St John’s RC Junior School provides a range of activities for children during lunchtimes and after school. These change on a termly basis and include activities such as

Tag rugby, dance, cross country, choir, reading club, Eco club, Spanish Club, Art and football



St John’s RC Junior School is committed to setting homework as part of the learning process. Homework helps to develop and reinforce learning. We value the support of parents in ensuring that homework is completed and returned to school promptly.