Attendance and Punctuality

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Good attendance and punctuality are essential to the progress of each child and parents are encouraged to ensure that their children do not stay away from school without good reason


Punctuality is very important as the school day starts promptly. If your child arrives after 9.00am you should report to the school office and sign in the late book. Parents should telephone school on the morning of an absence and this should be followed up with a letter on the child’s return to school. 


Our attendance officer is responsible for monitoring attendance and punctuality throughout school. She supports parents and children who are experiencing difficulties regarding punctuality and attendance. Please come into school if you need any help or advice in this area.  Those who are persistently late or absent will be referred to the Educational Social Welfare Officer. 


We do appreciate that it is not always possible for parents to take holidays during the school holiday period. However, if children are taken out of school during term time, their progress may be hindered. Family holidays must be approved in advance by the headteacher. Holiday requests can be obtained from school. 


Any holidays taken without approval and unexplained absences will be recorded as unauthorised absences.