Welcome to Class 6D 
Our teacher is Mrs Dutton
School Council Lead: Josh Roe
Eco-Councillor: Iwo Kurasinski
Reading Council Leads: Lexi McGowan and Joe Whiting Boult
Some important notes:
  • Maths and English homework goes out on a Thursday and should be returned every Tuesday.
  • Spellings vary. Mrs Dutton will advise children when spellings will go out and when they will be tested in class.
  • Please remember to be reading with your child EVERY night. Reading records are to come in Mondays and Tuesdays, and your signing and comments are read and acknowledged every week. It is important to hear your child reading aloud, and to read to your child, to encourage fluency, speed and understanding. Silent reading is fine, so long as children are heard also.
  • Homework, as always, will be linked to class topics and subjects covered. If children are unsure of what they are to do, they must ask a member of staff BEFORE the day it is due in and we will work with your child to rectify this. 
  • Please try to read at home every night, even for just 10 minutes. It really does make a massive difference to your progression in reading and other subjects! Mrs Dutton asks that Reading Records return to her on a Monday and a Tuesday, signed by parents, so that she can monitor children's home-reading progress.
Our Topic for Summer term is VIKINGS!
We finished off our Science work on last term's topic - healthy me - now we're setting sail and learning all about the Vikings!
6D have spent time this morning revisiting our British Values. We looked at the beautiful display in the corridor to magpie ideas, then we discussed a PowerPoint to recap our understanding. We are creating posters/adverts/leaflets to help others understand the values.‬
During our Diversity Week (we 26.2.18), 6D did lots of fantastic activities.
For Monday, we looked at Islam. We learned about our differences and similarities. We researched and looked at religious texts. We watched a wonderful assembly about British Values and Buddhism.
For Tuesday, we looked at the Philippines. We used ICT to research and complete a set of questions on a networking grid. We had a fantastic storytelling activity in a dome in the hall.
For Wednesday, we focussed on Asylum Seekers. We had a wonderful visit from Asylum Link in the afternoon and spent the rest of the day creating a persuasive write in Mrs Dutton's group, having focussed on a Liverpool case of Asylum. The children came up with some of the most beautiful ideas of inclusion, home, belonging and human rights.
Our our Autumn-Winter topic in 6D is: World War 2
Our book this term is: Goodnight Mr Tom by Michelle Magorian
Our trip this term was: An evacuee trip to Wales
Here we are making bombed out WW2 houses in Art/DT!
we used resources from home, we recycled old card and plastic and planned out our houses in pairs or small groups. Over the next few weeks we will papier-mâché them, paint them then bring them home ready for Christmas!
As part of our Science topic in Summer Term 2,  we visited Mayer Park to investigate habitats and our local environment. We sketched, we did a trail and we explored the park. 13.6.18
As part of our Electricity topic, we completed a workshop with Hi Impact.
We shared what we have learned with Mrs Dutton already, then began our Electricity practical investigations.
Firstly, by rubbing balloons on our heads to create static energy! This made our hair stand up, have a look at the pictures to see how much fun we had with this!
secondly, we used a Van De Graaff generator to send a charge through us, this also made our hair stand on end, and we could shock one another!
Lastly, we made a potato clock in pairs!
In Science today, we continued our Electricity topic by investigating circuits. We had packs with cells, wires, buzzers, motors and bulbs in. We solved a range of problems, discussed and thought about our prior knowledge and worked fantastically in teams to get through as many of the investigation questions as possible. We learned so much and recorded our findings in books, using photos and diagrams. 
As part of Science, this week and last week we have designed, made and filmed a stop-start motion for the water cycle. We worked so well in our groups and produced some fantastic videos. Mrs Dutton will try her best to load some to the website! 
During health week, we have been very busy in 6D. We created market place scenes for 'fruta y verduras' in Spanish, debated Healthy Eating in English and even completed a Zumba class in PE!
Today Year 6 had a Road Safety talk. We looked at our responsibilities as we get older and how becoming independent comes with trust.
We looked at set scenarios and why they were dangerous for both pedestrians and drivers. We know our lives are irreplaceable and valuable, whereas material possessions can usually be replaced, so are less important!
We learned from Collette about the rules of the road, safety, situations we may find ourselves in in our local areas, and shared all of our current knowledge whilst learning a wealth of new facts and ideas.
We also learned that cars and drivers aren't always making the best choices on the road and that we need to be prepared if cars don't notice crossings by being extra careful and aware.