Welcome to Class 5SD 
Our teacher is Mrs Dutton
Announced through Spring term:
School Council Lead: 
Reading Council Lead: 
Sports Councillors: 
Some important notes:
  •  Maths and English homework goes out on a Thursday and should be returned every Tuesday.
  • Spellings will go home and be tested every Tuesday, unless instructed otherwise.
  • Homework, as always, will be linked to class topics and subjects covered. If children are unsure of what they are to do, they must ask a member of staff BEFORE the day it is due in and we will work with your child to rectify this. Especially by Year 5, it is important for the children to have these responsibilities and to look after their own school stuff!
  • Please try to read at home every night, even for just 10 minutes. It really does make a massive difference to your progression in reading and other subjects! Mrs Dutton asks that Reading Records return to her on a Monday and a Tuesday, signed by parents, so that she can monitor children's home-reading progress.
  • Don't forget our fantastic resources for reading, including; First News and BugClub. We also have CodeStudio which the children use in class. Follow the links below!
Autumn 1 Topic
Our topic this half term was Space with a Science focus.
We have looked at a range of astronauts and learned all about the order of the planets, how they move and even about our moon and sun!
We did some amazing work.
Mini Topic Week
To finish the half term, we celebrated Black History Month with a Black History Week. We focussed on amazing sportpersons, politicians and other figures in Black History. Our work included looking at the Windrush journey and we created some incredible artwork for display.
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Autumn 2 Topic
Our topic this half term was Iceland with a Geography focus on Earthquakes and Volcanoes.
We have looked done lots of research on Iceland, Earthquakes and Volcanoes - using the Ipads and many other resources. We are pros at creating fact files and sharing our research with others! We loved looking at the different parts of Volcanoes and can explain why some Earthquakes can happen - as well as how they are monitored,
Our work is displayed in class and Mrs Dutton is so proud of the effort we have put in this half term.
Mini Topic Week
To start the half term, we celebrated Science Week a little early! Our school focus was on inventors and scientists. Year 5 focused on George Washington Carver - who spent his early life as a slave in America. We were wowed by him and his dedication to inventions - especially since he found so many used for peanuts in foods and other materials! We were amazed at some of our findings! We wrote a biography about him and shared these on our display.
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Spring 1 Topic
This term didn't quite go the way we planned, did it!
We have plodded on well and made such amazing progress in our online learning provision together, so well done, Year 5!
We have our daily lessons at 9.00, 11.00 and 1.30, as well as the uploading of our work digitally, as beautiful handwritten/drawn work, uploads, edited documents ... you will all be computer whizzes.
Our topic this first half term has been Shakespeare. We looked at Shakespeare and his plays, learned about Elizabethan England through History and looked at how the Elizabethans paved the way for Global exploration in Geography. We have studied operas and different pieces or music, with some familiar (and some unfamiliar!) instruments. Our Art sketches on Shakespeare have been amazing - I am so impressed with you.
Mini Topic Week
We had a short topic week on Online Safety, and also on Children's Mental Health week. I made sure lots of resources were put up for you, not just for this week, but for all of the time - whether we are in school or at home learning. Our MH is so important and my class know what an important focus it is in my classroom for us all. Our Online Safety week looked at being cyber safe, but also what can happen if people are unkind to us online - be it messages, websites or any other way. You have amazing skills and knowledge now, and now just need to implement them!
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