Good morning, Year 5. I hope you had a lovely long weekend – at least we got two lovely days of sun. I thought we would all be blown away by the wind on Friday and Saturday and I’d see lots of people flying like Mary Poppins through the sky!

I hope you’re all continuing to keep yourself and others safe.

Some nice news I can share with you this week is that I got a dog! He’s called Denny and he’s an 18-month old Springer Spaniel with a lovely brown face and ears. We’ve been going on lots of walks together and we even went on a run, but I definitely got tired before he did! Unfortunately for me, Denny thinks yoga time is play time and ends up lying across my arms or jumping up for kisses, the silly sausage! I can’t wait to be able to show you all lots of pictures. Do you have any animals at home? Have you managed to spend lots of time with them and look after them really well during lockdown?

I finished my book last week called ‘Malamander’ by Thomas Taylor (do you remember I mentioned two letters ago?) – it was so good I’ve even ordered the sequel called ‘Gargantis’! What books have you read during lockdown? I’m keeping a list or I’ll forget! If you’ve not read any new books yet, are there any on the Wirral Library website you can listen to as audiobooks or read as an E-book? Are there any books in your brother or sisters’ room that you would like to read? Why not start your own library up at home!

My questions for you this week are:

  •         Which fictional (made up) character do you think you would most be like and why? It could be for looks, hobbies or how they are e.g. Hermione for her bookishness and loyalty, as well as her unruly hair!
  •         If you could write your own book about lockdown, what would you call it, what would the blurb say and what genre would it belong to?

I look forward to writing to you next week.

Work hard, read lots, play nicely, get plenty of fresh air, be mindful and stay safe!

Mrs Dutton (and the Year 5 team) x


Good morning, Year 5.

Week 9, can you believe it!?

This week is Mental Health Awareness week. In my class we have done lots of work on how we can look after our MH this year – from mindfulness, to gratitude, to meditations, to body scans and calming breaths – I hope some of you have had a go at using these during this time! Because of this, I thought this week to start I’d share some of the things in school that have made me thankful during lockdown. Two of them are the pictures I’ve put above this letter! One is our gratitude wall that was started in our (5D’s) room from the first Monday since school closed (way back on the 23rd March). Every day when we are in, we all write something we are grateful for or have enjoyed. The other is a piece of artwork we did using a big piece of polystyrene and paint on our hands - to create our own take on the ‘rainbow’ theme during lockdown. We painted our hands and pressed them onto the material before adding our names, doesn’t it look lovely! The paint was super gloopy and dried so quick on our hands, but it was very fun and it was great to see it completed. If you haven’t been, why not plan in something nice for yourself this week so that you can relax and your mind can drift away for a short while?

Did you also notice the video below this letter? I had already written last week’s letter to you and suddenly remembered how beautiful that poem was! I’m sure lots of you will have seen it already, but if not, take a look. I think it sums the up the lockdown perfectly – I just hope after all of this, we take more care of each-other, our lovely world…and ourselves! Have you found that the days are going quickly or slowly?

I’ve still been doing lots of keep-fit whilst we’ve been off. I’ve been enjoying challenging myself especially with my running, trying to go as fast as I can for the distances I run! Have you been doing any keep-fit? Or tried any new exercises? Why not challenge yourself this week to beat your own score in a sport!

My two questions for you this week are:

  1.       Imagine we knew before Christmas that this lockdown would happen, what would you have made the most of and appreciated more? (For example, I would have to say my hugs with my parents)
  2.       Now we are over 2 months in to lockdown, what do you hope you will carry on doing when this is over? (For example, I would say still getting plenty of fresh air in lovely walks, taking time to read and living a little bit slower rather than rushing around all the time!)

Keep safe, keep happy!

Mrs Dutton (and the Year 5 Team)

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Good morning, Year 5. Can you believe we are heading towards the end of the second month of lockdown? Wow. But you have all done so well – you’re working hard and being good for everyone at home, I’m sure.

Have you noticed how clear the sky has been since we have been in lockdown? I feel like the animals are starting to feel safe again too! I have a robin in my garden who comes and sits on the fence right behind me while I’m reading my book or typing your work up – I think he’s probably checking up on what I’m setting you for work…He may as well sit on my shoulder he’s so close! I’ve started to put a saucer of water out for him now – especially whilst it’s so hot out. Have you noticed any new nature appearing outside your house? Is there any way you can make around your house a more bird/bug/plant friendly environment?

Speaking of nature and animals, the latest book I have just finished reading was called ‘Asha and the Spirit Bird’, which was a beautiful book by Jasbinder Bilan – a book set in India by the Himalayas, about a boy and girl who go looking for Asha’s Dad, who has gone missing. The new book I’ve started, and read half of in a few hours because it is that good, is called ‘Malamander’ by Thomas Taylor. Don’t tell Mrs Storer, but I think I’m going to be calling dibs on reading that when we go back to school as a class read! It’s a mystery, a little bit spooky, set in a place called Eerie-On-Sea. They’re my book recommendations for this week!

My question for you this week is a really interesting one, because some of the children who have been in school with me struggled to think of for themselves – but I could answer immediately for them!

The question is: can you think about 5 things that you like about yourself/are proud of yourself for/or are good at? (And my answer is, yes, all of you can think of 5 and more!)

Missing you all and wishing I could give you all a big hug. Sending socially distanced hugs and smiles.

Lots of love,

Mrs Dutton and the Year 5 Team xx



Good morning, Year 5! I hope you are all doing well and still being good for everyone at home - are you making the most of the time away from school for yourself, your happiness and your learning?

I hope you enjoyed our work last week - this week we have Science again, and last week will be the last from that Science topic. Of course, at any time, our old work is up so you can always head back to the old files on the Shared Drive to redo/explore any activities you may have missed. I've seen some of you have worked super hard on our FirstNews iHub and TTRockstars in the past few weeks too!

Something I wanted to share with you today was a link to BGT from Saturday night - Mrs Harkness was very eagle eyed (as some of you may have been!) and noticed that a magician on the show was performing a trick inspired by Henry 'Box' Brown - remember, from our beautiful picture book in our Liverpool topic, 'Henry's Freedom Box.' She text me on Saturday to tell me about it, and I watched it yesterday. The magician's words about Henry were so thoughtful, it brought a tear to my eye! Isn't it amazing when we can see links to our books and learning around us where we least expect it?

Here's the link for you to have a watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cnE3_otFGSs

Although the sun did not shine for us last week and we had lots of rain to water our plants, I hope you still had chance to put your raincoats on and get outside for a walk! I went out twice in the rain, and it was so peaceful - plus the speedy walking kept me warm! I can see the sun shining and the little birds chirping already for the start of, what I'm sure will be, a beautiful week.

Your question I'd like to leave you with this week is:

  •  Who inspires you? - Is it someone at home, a key worker in your family, a friend who has kept in touch to support you? Once this is all over, what would you say to them? If you can say it now, do it! Don't forget it's not just our words that show someone how much we appreciate them - be kind, be helpful, be honest. Give them a hug or a smile, write them a letter, be thankful!

Missing you all!

Lots of Love,

Mrs Dutton and the Year 5 team xx



Another week Year 5 - you're still doing wonderfully!

In this week's letter to you, I'd like to get you thinking a little about yourselves in the past 5 weeks away from school:

  • What have you learned about that really excited you?
  • What do you hope we can learn in the next few weeks? (Even if we don't as a year group, is there anything stopping YOU learning about it anyway?)
  • As we would in class, reflect on your choices at home in the last few weeks - have you been the kindest, the most loving and the best that you can be to others? Have you used the best words you can to spread kindness?
  • Have you used your time the best you could - have you learned any new skills, read any exciting books or spent lots of time practising something and improved?
I would say that I've really enjoyed getting back into reading and am onto my third book, which isn't too bad, but I bet you've all read loads more than me! One I read which I loved was a children's book called 'Rooftoppers' by Katherine Rundell - in case you wanted to read along with me! I've also been listening to lots of audio books while I've been working - did you know Amazon have added 'Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone' to their free kids' Audible books? I've used this site with the children in school and we've heard some great books!
Looking out of my window now, the sky is looking a little murky, but let's hope that the sun will shine on us like it has been for the last few weeks!

As always, please keep following the rules to keep us safe.

Missing you all! Keep safe and happy learning. 

Lots of love,

Mrs Dutton and the Year 5 team xx



Hello, Year 5!

Over a month now in lockdown, can you believe it?

We hope you are happy and taking control of your learning, using all the resources you have available to you to keep your mind ticking over and learning new things all of the time.

I am so glad that the sun has been shining for all of us and hope that you have been making the most of this too! I have been enjoying my daily walk and going running to get some fresh air.

I miss you all very much - our classroom seems very empty without you all! I hope that you're being good, kind to your families and kind to yourselves. 

I hope to see you all soon when everything is safe and better for us all.

Lots of love,

Mrs Dutton and the Y5 team xx


Welcome to Class 5SD 
Our teacher is Mrs Dutton
Announced through Autumn 1/2 terms:
School Council Lead: Amy Fullerton
Eco-Councillor: Grace Brooker
Reading Council Lead: Caiden Owen
Sports Councillors: Jasmine, Joseph Roberts, Scarlett.
Some important notes:
  •  Maths and English homework goes out on a Thursday and should be returned every Tuesday.
  • Spellings will go home and be tested every Friday unless instructed otherwise.
  • Homework, as always, will be linked to class topics and subjects covered. If children are unsure of what they are to do, they must ask a member of staff BEFORE the day it is due in and we will work with your child to rectify this. Especially by Year 5, it is important for the children to have these responsibilities and to look after their own school stuff!
  • Please try to read at home every night, even for just 10 minutes. It really does make a massive difference to your progression in reading and other subjects! Mrs Dutton asks that Reading Records return to her on a Monday and a Tuesday, signed by parents, so that she can monitor children's home-reading progress.
  • Don't forget our fantastic resources for reading, including; First News and BugClub. We also have CodeStudio which the children use in class. Follow the links below!
Our our Autumn 1 topic in 6SD is: The Victorians
Our book this term is: Street Child
Our Science Topic: Materials
Our trip this term was: A trip to Quarry Bank Mill where the children could experience life as Victorians - especially as apprentices in the mills!
Our our Autumn 2 topic in 6SD is: Space
Our book this term is: Iron Man
Our Science Topic: Space
Our trip/visit this term was: Working with Hi Impact to create amazing green screen space presentations. We are also swimming this half term every Friday. We attended the cinema in Birkenhead for a Christmas treat to watch ‘Abominable’, plus also went as a whole school to the pantomime!
Our our Spring 2 topic in 6SD is: Liverpool 
Our book this term is: ‘Henry’s freedom box’ and ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’
Our Science Topic: N/a
Our trip this term is: A trip to Liverpool Philharmonic and the Slavery Museum in the Liverpool Maritime
Our our Spring 1 topic in 6SD is: Iceland - Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Our book this term is: FArTHER
Our Science Topic: forces
Our trip this term was: N/a