Welcome to Class 4B!
Our teacher is Mr Billing and our teaching assistant is Mr Ryan.
Mrs Francis and Mrs O'Grady are also part of the year 4 team.
We always use our learning powers (resilience, resourcefulness, reflectiveness and reciprocity) to help and encourage us with our learning and behaviour throughout the school.
Weekly message 25/05/20
Hi 4B!
I hope you've had a lovely week in the sunshine and enjoyed learning all about Spain and the Spanish culture. I'm sure you'll all be fluent Spanish speakers upon your return to school no doubt!
This week, I have been working hard from home putting together new and exciting things for our PE curriculum next year. I have also been planning our 'virtual sports day' which will hopefully take place next week! This has been quite tricky to think of active events you can all do from home but I hope you'll enjoy it! Do you look forward to sports day? What events would you like to see? 
We went to visit my mum's pug Daisy again last week and she was thrilled to see us! As you can see from the pictures below, she was very happy to see Jack and wouldn't leave him alone! They are becoming the best of friends which is lovely to see. Have you made any new friends over the last month or two? Are you still keeping in touch with your current friends in school? 
I hope you have a great fun filled week. Remember it should be half term this week so do try to get some rest as well as engaging with the home learning activities!
Stay safe and look after you family.
Mr Billing and Mr Ryan
Weekly message 18/05/20
Hi 4B!
I hope you had an enjoyable active week and are fully rested for another exciting week of home learning.
Ella and I have been putting together a trampolining/gymnastics fitness video for the week as the weather has been lovely. She enjoyed combining the two together and has sent the video to some of her school friends and her grandparents. Did you manage to create anything like this last week?
My mum's little pug Daisy has also been very busy getting to know her new home. She's growing in confidence now and likes to play with lots of her toys. As you can see from the picture below, she doesn't like it when they are taken away to be cleaned in the washing machine!
I hope you have another great week, stay safe and look after your family. Scroll down to see the next dance video!
Mr Billing and Mr Ryan
Weekly message 11/05/20
Hi 4B! 
I hope you have had an enjoyable week and are still working hard from home and engaging with all our online resources. We've had some lovely sunshine this week so I had you've been getting plenty of exercise outdoors whilst still remaining to stay safe.
This week, I have continued on my Sign Language journey and can all sign the alphabet without any visual aids to help. You will have to test me when we are all back together inside our classroom again! I have also been learning a new skill of video editing. This has been rather an enjoyable experience for me and hopefully you will see very soon my first project...watch this space! In other news, my mum has a new little puppy called Daisy! She is a 10 week old pug who is very cheeky, I think this is why Ella and Jack love her! She has been stealing slippers and hiding them around the house for my mum to find. I have put some pictures of her below for you to see.

On our Home Learning Tab, there are also some lovely prayers that you may want to say at this time e.g. prayers for hospital staff, prayers for people who are isolated. Say some of those prayers and then have a go at writing your own prayer for this time and decorate it!


Keep on working hard on your project work, spelling and maths. I love seeing your answers on First News and I love sending you messages and stickers for working so hard and giving you top tips on how to make your answers even better!

Have a wonderful week 4B! Keep your eyes peeled for the next video which will be posted very shortly.


Stay safe and have a great week.

Mr Billing and Mr Ryan

Weekly message 04/05/20
Hi 4B! Happy Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you!)
I hope that you are all still working hard and making the most of your time at home. The weather hasn't been the best this week so let's hope for a little more sunshine and blue skies!
This week, I have finally managed to start something I have wanted to do for years and that is start to learn British Sign Language (BSL). I have been watching short video clips to help although I am finding it quite tricky! Ella has been learning along with me but Jack decides to either play with his dinosaurs or toys very loudly each time I play a video! Have you decided to try anything new or managed to find some time to finish something off? 
I hope you are all working hard and enjoying the topics Mrs Storer and I are putting together for you to do. Remember to try and challenge yourself each week, set small goals or targets to achieve. Keep up to date with First News and TT Rockstars as these will help you with your learning.
Finally, I hope that you enjoyed the video Mr Ryan and I did for you last week. If you haven't seen it already, scroll down further and you will also find the new one we have done for you! We hope it makes you smile!
Stay safe and have a great week.
Mr Billing and Mr Ryan
Weekly message 27/04/20
Hi 4B!
I hope you are all keeping well, staying safe and enjoying the recent sunshine we have been having. Ella and Jack have been in the garden for most of the week playing on the trampoline and planting lots of new flowers. 
Can you believe we are now in week 6 of our Home Learning? I hope you are enjoying the projects set each week and you're continuing to keep up with maths and spelling work.
I can't wait to get back into our classroom and continue to have fun and enjoy our learning together again. Until then Mr Ryan and I hope to post a video each week to make you all smile...watch this space! 
Have a great week and remember to help your parents the best you can!
Mr Billing and Mr Ryan 
Some important notes:
  • Keep up to date with your weekly projects and Maths activities.
  • Remember to continue to read for pleasure and use First News online. 
  • Keep practising your times tables and learning and practising your spelling words from the Year 3 and 4 Statutory Spelling list.
  • Most importantly stay safe!!
School Councillor:    Ben U
Eco Councillors:       Jess / Ava D   
Reading Councillors:  Jazmine / Isla
Sports Councillors:  Myia / Ronan