Class 3P

 Kids Welcome Clipart
Our teacher is Miss Penny
and our teaching assistant is Mrs Fahy.
Some important notes:
  • Homework goes out on a Thursday and should be returned every Monday.
  • Spellings go out on a Monday and the test will be on the following Monday.
Parents: Please try to read at home with your child every night, even for just 5-10 minutes and then sign their home reading record. It really does make a massive difference to their progression in reading and other subjects!
Class Councillor - Henrik Simpson
Reading Councillors - Benjamin Kelly and Joseph Mulhare
Eco Councillor - Lola McDermott
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Our Learning
Our topic for the Summer 1 is called 'El Salvador.'  Our English work will be based around the book 'Jemmy Button.' We will learn about Plants in Science, map reading in Geography and much more!
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Spring 2
Our topic for the Spring 2 half-term was called 'Humans Are Animals Too.'
Our English work was based around the book 'Hodgeheg'.
We looked at the human body in Science, drawing humans in Art, creating a healthy lunch box in D.T, creating branching databases in Computing and much more. 
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We read 'The Creakers' by Tom Fletcher.
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Spring 1
Our Spring 1  topic was called Sounding Off! 
We learned all about Sound in Science, poetry in English and much, much more!
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Autumn 2 
Our Autumn 2 topic was called What's the attraction? 
We looked at forces and magnets in Science, the book 'Lost and Found' in English and much, much more!
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Learning all about balances in gymnastics. 
Christmas Festivities!
Working hard in Maths on our 8 times table!
17.11.17. We enjoyed learning new play ground games that we could play at break and lunch time. 
Year three enjoying the bench ball tournament!
Enjoying our trip to Red Rock Nature Reserve.